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Arts Enrichment

With the support of Friends of Franklin, our school is able to provide annual rotations of art, music and dance instruction to our students. We are proud to offer these supplemental programs as arts education has been shown to improve children's confidence, creativity, academic performance and motor skills.

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Interacting with and learning from technology is an integral part of our society and at Franklin we strive for all of our students to learn with computers daily in a meaningful way. Starting out as Kindergarteners using educational apps on Kindle Fire tablets and growing into to 5th graders researching current events on Chromebooks, Franklin’s technology program will prepare your child for learning in the 21st century.

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Science & FAME NIGHT

From the moment they write their very first hypothesis in Kindergarten, students at Franklin become scientific thinkers. Through grade-level projects and assemblies with our partners at The California Science Center, Franklin students have the opportunity to learn scientific principals in biology, physics and life sciences.

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Learning Programs

With the support of Friends of Franklin, Franklin Avenue Elementary is able to provide an Intervention Coordinator/Instructional Coach to serve our students and faculty. Our learning programs range from individualized support to themed group tutoring sessions.

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Student Leadership 


Friends of Franklin Annual Report

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