Things we think are important...

  • Every single dollar counts. Give what you can. Every family has a different budget.

  • You can break up your gift into smaller monthly payments. It’s easy to set up on our website.

  • For the 2018-2019 school year, FOF will provide $600 per student in programs and materials.

  • We ask that for those who are able to give more—please consider a gift of $1,000 per child.

  • The reason that there is a difference between the cost—and the ask—per student, is that there are a substantial number of families that will likely not be in a position to give anything. We all bring different talents and gifts to our community—that is what makes it so special. So, our hope is that for those who can give, we ask that you help us close the gap, and gift $1,000.

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Friends of Franklin (FOF) raises money through special events and individual donations, and recruits parent volunteers—all to help bridge the gap between LAUSD’s budget and Franklin Avenue Elementary’s fiscal needs. FOF’s proceeds go directly toward funding important positions and programs such as these:

  • Teaching Assistants’ Salaries & Benefits

  • Visual Arts

  • Music, Chorus & Orchestra

  • Dance

  • Physical Education

  • Field Trips & In-Class Experiences

  • Computers, Software & Technology

  • Classroom Supplies

  • Teacher Grants, and more

In order to meet our goals and fund the programs we all cherish, FOF needs to raise $300,000 during the 2018-2019 school year. The reason that the cost per student went up last year is two-fold: 

  • First, we now pay for Teaching Assistant benefits. Last year was the first year we had to do that.

  • Second, due to shifting LAUSD regulations, we are no longer allowed to schedule the Foxtrot. This brought in a large amount of funds every year, and we had to make up the difference.

Gifts and Prizes!

Give more than you gave last year, and you’ll receive your choice of a custom Franklin t-shirt or tote bag. What if you didn’t give last year? You’re in luck. No matter what you give this year, you get a t-shirt or a tote, while supplies last. 

Also when you give to the Annual Fund you are automatically entered to win from a variety of prizes at the October 13 Fall Fest. The earlier you give, the better chance you’ll have to win. There are six weeks in the Annual Fund (September 4—October 13), and you get an entry for each week, beginning the week you give. Give the first week—in any amount—and you are entered to win six times! 

Prizes include:

  • 2 tickets to a King's Roost 100% whole wheat, freshly milled sourdough bread class. ($190 value)

  • Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments with Anne H. Dacko, M.D. ($150 value)

  • Amazon Fire HD8 Kids Edition Tablet ($130 value)

  • La Pergoletta gift card ($100 value)

  • Hyperion Public gift card ($100 value)

  • Nike Kids Shoes ($80 value)

  • Glaze Fire gift card ($50 value)