Learning Programs

With the support of Friends of Franklin, Franklin Avenue Elementary is able to provide Intervention Coordinator/Instructional Coach to serve our students and faculty. In addition to providing training to our teachers and TA, Senisa Austin oversees the following programs.


Learning Center

For students in any grade level requiring additional academic support, Franklin’s Learning Center is able to provide academic intervention and support in a small group setting. Students are identified based on testing data and teacher recommendations and appropriate lessons are established by Mrs. Austin. Under her direction, 6 paraprofessionals work with groups of students on Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Decoding, Comprehension, Literary Response & Analysis, Writing, and English Language Development.

Tuesday Tutoring

Tuesday Tutoring sessions are provided in Reading and Mathematics for students in Grades 2-5.  Students are grouped by similar abilities across the grades. Each session  focuses on a particular area of learning such as Fluency and Decoding Skills in Reading, Mathematical Procedures and Fluency, Common Core Standards, Comprehending Informational Text and Problem Solving in Mathematics.


Literacy Club

Literacy Club offers reading sessions before school for students in Grades K-5 who are recommended by their teachers, and grouped according to their reading level, across the grades.  Literacy Club builds confidence in reading, vocabulary, and ability to discuss literature with peers. Goals include progress in fluency, comprehension and increased class participation.  Supports motivation and love of reading. Student readers are facilitated by Mrs. Austin and parent volunteers before school, twice a week. Some of the groups are student facilitated. Each session culminates with Books and Bagels Celebration.  All participating student families are invited to attend, and certificates are awarded to all of the participants.

Individualized Education Program

If a child needs additional support, there is a process for determining whether or not a child is eligible for special education services and, if so, what special education services are most appropriate for the child. Please refer to the attached LAUSD document for more information about Individualized Education Programs or IEPs