Magnet Programs


Did you know that LAUSD offers 260 Magnet Programs? Including several at Thomas Starr King Middle School. Did you know that your child can start accumulating Magnet points as early as Kindergarten. Check out the LAUSD echoices site ( for more information. Additionally, Franklin offers an annual parent meeting to explain the Magnet application process so be sure to mark your calendars if you are interested.

The Magnet Programs are Court-Ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students in grades K-12 living within the LAUSD boundaries. Currently, there are 260 Magnet Programs located throughout the District. All District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply.

Please review this website to determine if any of the programs fit your child’s needs. These programs are choices that work for students, parents, the community and the nation. To apply for one of the limited number of spaces, please view the Choices Brochure or eChoices website for more information.

Program Guidelines

  • Each Magnet’s openings are determined by the need to maintain a racially balanced enrollment and by available space.
  • Students on a waiting list may be contacted regarding an opening up through the first month of school. If an applicant declines Magnet placement, ALL waiting list points are removed.
  • Should an applicant leave a Magnet program before completing the culminating grade, no matriculation points will be assigned.
  • Before making your school selection, please call the Magnet school’s Magnet coordinator to obtain information regarding the school’s orientation meeting, tours, uniform requirements, bus route information and other pertinent information.
  • By completing the Choices application, the parent or guardian agrees to abide by the uniform policy or dress code set by the magnet program selected. Pease click here to view the list of Magnet schools/centers that enforce a uniform policy.
  • Pages 14-28 of the Choices Brochure contain basic information about Magnet programs to assist you in making a selection for your child. Although you have the option to select up to three different Magnet programs, it is not mandatory for you to do so. Please see Program Selection section on Page 49 for information on how the selection process handles the second or third choice(s) before you list an optional school on your application.


  • Applicants who still wish to apply to a Magnet school or center after the November 9, 2017 deadline may submit a Late Application online through website. The Late Application will only allow for a single choice and will open February 1, 2018. Available seats for late applicants will be open after all of the students on the Waiting List have been offered placement at the selected school site. Each Magnet’s opening are determined by the need to maintain a racially balanced enrollment and by available space. Filling out a Late Application does not guarantee student placement and Magnet priority points are not assigned.
  • SUBMIT A NEW APPLICATION, if the child’s name remained on a Waiting List last year, or you wish to change from one Magnet to another, or if your child will be culminating from elementary to middle school or middle to high school.
  • DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW APPLICATION, if your child is currently enrolled in a Magnet Program and wishes to continue at the same school. Applicants currently enrolled in a Magnet program who apply and are selected into another will automatically be dropped from their current Magnet program, whether they accept or decline.
  • If selected, parent/guardian may accept or decline online or by calling the school by the deadline on the selection letter. If you don’t respond by the deadline, it will be considered a decline.
  • Continuous Enrollment Magnet schools accept applications throughout the school year. A continuous enrollment Magnet school gives priority to students residing within its attendance boundary. All other eligible LAUSD applicants will be selected provided space is available. Please click here to view the list of Continuous Enrollment Magnet Schools.
  • Applicants who make an error on their application will receive a correction letter in December. Applicants who do not correct the information and return the letter to Student Integration Services by the deadline will not have their application information or points corrected. This may cancel your application or affect the selection results.
  • There are no points given for submitting an application or for applying to a program for which the applicant is ineligible or for which the application is late.
  • ELIGIBILITY: All students living within LAUSD boundaries are eligible to apply. Gifted/Highly Gifted magnets (pages 30-32) require specific eligibility criteria (pages 28-29) for selection. All applicants for gifted/highly gifted/high ability magnets must be verified or identified and submit a Choices application.
  • MATH/ALGEBRA: Students applying for high school Magnets should have successfully completed or be prepared to take Algebra IAB.
  • OPENINGS: The approximate number of seats available in 2018-2019 and the number of applications submitted in 2017-2018 to each Magnet school/center can be found under each school's name.

For more information regarding an individual Magnet Program, including the calendar for that school, call the principal or Magnet coordinator using the telephone numbers listed under that school’s name in the Choices Brochure. For general Program information, call Student Integration Services using the telephone numbers listed below.

  • (877) 4MAG-PWT or (877) 462-4798 (Toll-free number)
  • (213) 241-4177
  • (213) 241-6572