Meeting Minutes

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January 2018

I. Call To Order - Adam (5:39pm)

II.    Board Business

   a) Treasurer's Report - Mike (current cash balance $299,4xx)

   b)  Peter Rauh raised valet behavior on Monday. Stressed we are all in one community and taking sides is unacceptable.  Adam added that FoF is certainly taking no positions on the work stoppage and we support all parties involved in the Franklin community always.

September 2018

I.    Call To Order (did I miss anything?)

II.    Board Business

   (a) UTLA Update:  Mrs. Horiuchi (what did I miss?)

   (b) Officer Vacancies - Secretary (elected by acclamation: PJR), Vice President (tabled)

   (c) Board Member Participation Agreements (get to Adam)

   (d) Treasurer's Report - Mike says $153k in the bank

   (e) Committee Reports:

May 8, 2018

Discussion Items:

I.      Call the meeting to order at 5:03.

II.    Board Business

a.    Budget-Adam (see Attachment A)

1.    35 More Chrome Books for testing

a.    also for coding classes

b.    $8,000 additional to cover this that is not on the budget.

December 2018

FOF BOARD MTG - December 12, 2018 - Franklin Avenue Elementary School

Attending: Adam, Crystal, Jen, Bennett, Lauren, Lisa, Heather, PJR, Mike, Ellen, West, James, Nicole

Ms. Sasso - other guests

II)    Board Business

a) Treasurer's Report - big check to be cut in March 2019

   - Treasurer's Report

November 2018


a) Treasurer's Report - approx 200k, 2/3rds of the budget in inc. FallFest

b) FallFest Postmortem - $11,000

f)    Teacher Grants -    Cue Ball - 4th Grade Classes - approved unanimously

Book - Mrs. Austin -  for teacher study for classroom implementation - approved unanimously

Annual $159,424 / Outstanding $31.959

 Book Fair - $1,500 raised

October 2018

II.    Board Business

   A.  Treasurer's Report

   $227,000 Cash On Hand

   B.  Annual Fund Drive

   $134k as of 10/9

   Pep Rally Wed, Oct 10

April 10, 2018

Discussion Items:

1.    Call meeting to order at 5:05 pm

2.    Board Business

a.    Treasurer’s Report-Mike

i.     Gave our big check to Ms. Sasso $138,000

 ii.     $175,000 in cash

 iii.     $20,000 in expenses until the end of the year


February 13, 2018

Discussion Items:

1.     Call meeting to order at 5:03 pm.

2.     Board Business

a.     Communication Director’s Report-Lisa

 i.     Instagram going steadily

 ii.     Facebook-buying ads for FNO

1.     Very effective

2.     $7-$14 per ad

 iii.     Went over site plan with Sasso

January 9, 2018

Discussion Items:

I.     Call to order at 5:06

II.    Board Business

a.     Thank you Notes from the Students

 i.     Add to the bulletin board

b.     Winter Week of Welcome-Adam

i.     Thanks to Crystal for the spirit posters

c.      Treasurer’s Report

 i.     $265,000 cash balance