Student Leadership

When students reach the upper grade levels are a variety of ways for them to become leaders in our community.


Service Club

Franklin has an outstanding opportunity for all 5th graders to be part of SERVICE CLUB. Students can participate in a variety of jobs which may include office workers, Kindergarten yard helpers, and other positions that help our school in many ways. The purpose of the Service Club is to invite 5th grade students to give back to our school community so they can develop a stronger sense of responsibility, leadership, dependability, respect, self-discipline, and cooperation. This gives them a sense of pride, and they can be active role models for others. This special privilege of providing service to our school is such an empowering way to help foster and promote our great citizens of tomorrow. We are proud and appreciate our 5th grade team of students for their excellent work and dedication in helping our school thrive with success.



Literacy Club

Literacy Club offers reading sessions before school for students in Grades K-5 who are recommended by their teachers, and grouped according to their reading level, across the grades.  Literacy Club builds confidence in reading, vocabulary, and ability to discuss literature with peers. Goals include progress in fluency, comprehension and increased class participation.  In addition to parents and teachers, certain students are selected to facilitate reading groups.

Reading Buddies

The Reading Buddies program allows for students not only to enjoy hearing read alouds from their older peers, but it also helps foster a sense of family and community. 5th grade students are paired with Kindergarteners. Through the program students enjoy reading to each other while practicing their oral language skills as they engage in conversations about what they are reading and by getting to know each other. The students really enjoy seeing their buddies at school wide events and even around the campus.