Arts Enrichment

With the support of Friends of Franklin, our school is able to provide annual rotations of Art, Music and Dance instruction to our students. We are proud to offer these supplemental programs as Arts education has been shown to improve children's confidence, creativity, academic performance and motor skills.




Every student at Franklin will receive a rotation of visual arts instruction. Each child learns to express their creativity in mediums from ranging from clay to colored pencil.




Coming soon.



In the music program at Franklin students sing, play a variety of percussion instruments, glockenspiels, autoharps, triangles, and bells and rehearse for the International Sing & Dance performance with multicultural songs and dances for all grade levels.  We will be singing and learning a variety of songs, writing music, and learning movement and choreography to enhance our songs.  Students will be introduced to Music History and Theory, including music notation appropriate to their grade level and the California Visual and Performing Arts standards.  Each teacher is provided a songbook, syllabus, schedule and CD or MP3's of music.  Songs are also selected in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Chorus:  3rd-5th graders also will have a chance to audition for the Chorus and four students will be chosen from each upper-grade classroom.  

Recorders: Friends of Franklin has generously provided recorders for all 3rd grade students, which will be their property for the entire school year.

Orchestra:  Franklin Avenue Elementary also offers an orchestra program which  includes orchestral instruments from LAUSD and a wonderful instrumental musical program for beginners and intermediates.